Handmade Elephant grass Moses Basket

Handmade Elephant grass Moses Basket

  • £100.00

Our hand woven Moses baskets are ethically handwoven in Ghana featuring simple patterns and sustainably sourced leather handles.

Each woven baby basket takes three days to complete, whilst the majority of Moses baskets you’ll find on the High Street and online are mass-produced from wicker or palm leaf, ours are made hand made from Elephant grass, which grows wild in Ghana. This grass is incredibly sturdy when woven, producing baskets of impressive structural integrity. We supply a fully breathable foam quilted mattress which is made in the UK.

It must be noted that these baskets are not carrying devices and should only be used on the floor or on a flat surface when baby is inside.

Material: Elepant grass & Leather


L:79cm x W:43cm x H:18cm/ H:25cm (at hood) approx