Tooth Fairy bag and bamboo toothbrush

Tooth Fairy bag and bamboo toothbrush

  • $12.00

Our new milk teeth bags are made from 100% cotton and personalised with your little ones name by us in our studio on the north coast of Cornwall! 

Our bags are perfect for collecting milk teeth and exchanging for some money from the tooth fairy! With long drawstrings, they are easy to pull out from under your little ones pillow without waking them. 

These tiny bags measure 20.5cm x 14cm and are the perfect size to collect milk teeth.  Included with the bag is a environmentally friendly toothbrush made from sustainably sourced bamboo and BPA-free nylon bristles.
*Please note that the bristles may vary in colour 

Please ensure that you leave a note with your order saying what name (first name only) you’d like on the bag.

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